Friday, January 1, 2010

Will Ben Stein Debate Ron Paul Or Not?

Civilization has come a long way! In the not too distant past a challenge resulting from an attack on the honor of one individual by another would result in a duel.

Is language too scary a 'weapon' for Ben Stein? Is Ben Stein civilized enough to go before his peers (us, his contemporaries) and speak frankly about his views knowing full well that the one whose honor he attacked (Ron Paul) has the right to use eloquent speech and logic to present his case also?

Or are we not as civilized as we would hope; where the belligerence continues undebated and unabated with its adherents acting like the beasts of the field unable to use language?

A trained and unbiased moderator can be of great service and can assist in the advancement of civilization.

Please, Ben Stein, demonstrate your civility!

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