Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Nakedness And Perversion Of Airport Security!

These are the signs of the perversion of economic science!!! When empiricism or positivism was forced upon the social sciences by the ego-driven interpreters it did two things. It empowered the ego-driven interpreters and it empowered the ego-driven interventionists.

The essence of what positivism did to economics is that it removed ethics. No longer were humans seen as subjective, instead, contorted and distorted into objectified points of data. As such there was no longer any connection to anything that resembled the human reality, including ethics.

This perversion is what underlies all designs for human planning by the ego-driven; interpreters and interventionists. Just like the killing of innocent people in the name of 'democracy' and the glorification of counterfeiting (central banks) as a way to support unconstitutional usurpation of power, the naked exposure of people is nothing but perversion.

To say to these ignorant, parasitic empiricists or their flunkies that this is unethical is like speaking to Hitler about the beauty of the human spirit. They are devoid of that kind of consciousness. They think they have the power to remain in the condition of economic and ethical imbecility.

The minority in power (that are wielding their propaganda machines) need to hear from us, the majority. They need to understand that they are about to be brought to justice. Ending the counterfeiting operation (END THE FED) is a very good place to start.

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