Friday, September 26, 2008

Debate In Mississippi Tramples State Rights!

Where were the other candidates?

Why do the people of Mississippi allow the Federal government to come into their State and restrict the debate?

Have the people of Mississippi lost their soul? Is there no independence? Did your native sons die in vain when they fought for State sovereignty because you have allowed the propagandistic education promulgated by the unConstitutional coup to make you think that you were fighting for the right to enslave people? Are you now so ashamed (due to that indoctrination) to be worthy to call yourself a Mississipian?

I lived in Mississippi for four years and I did not get the impression that the people were content with the castration of their right to secede. Make amends by exposing the unConstitutional coup and by recapturing your State rights!

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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Where Did Materialism Come From?

Like John Maynard Keynes, John Kenneth Galbraith was the beneficiary of the confusion that he himself created!

Since economics had strayed from a scientific basis (by trying to force a round peg into a square hole) when it fell victim to 'physics envy,' it had very little defense against the fallacious proclamations of these ego-driven charlatans.

A nanosecond of exposure to the subjectivist methodology of Austrian economics would have caused these false statements and half-truths to perish and disappear from any further consideration. Woe unto us that the corrupt link between the political systems and the moral relativists was already a dominant feature of western civilization.

This corruption under the diseased 'guidance' of the economic and political quacks spread a pernicious materialism around the world.

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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Party Politics And Relative Morality.

We are living in the age of relative morality.

That is not, let me repeat, that is not a good thing!

Because of a strange intellectual and ethical lethargy we are living in a time when there is no practicable standard by which to compare and contrast behavior. As a result the ones who control the media and the education system decide what is ‘normal.’

The consequence is the aberration that we see: scoundrels (male and female) becoming the leaders.

In a classical liberalism society the human characteristics identified by natural law to be virtuous, it is these that will be held up as worthy of emulation, and deviation from these as the standard will be considered immoral. And who would you think would be the ones most renowned for possessing these virtues? Those who are elected by their fellow citizens to consult about the affairs of the community.

As you can see a classical liberalism society is the opposite of what we have now. Since it is reasonable to aspire towards a classical liberalism civilization we have to find ways to be of service that ultimately leads to the abolishment of the ego-driven interventionists (whose political ambitions corrupt themselves, and the system of government if they are allowed to hold those positions).

Eliminating political parties is one very helpful step. Then the individuals elected will be chosen simply because of their sincere service in their communities and their noble characteristics.

As you can see political parties are destructive of the elements necessary for civilization to advance properly. They are harmful and it is our job to abolish them.

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