Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Ethics As The Chief Criterium For Service!

What is very clear from your interesting article is that ethics needs to come front and center!

This (ethics as a key issue) is another vehicle for distinguishing Austrian economics from all of the fallacious empirical namesakes. It is also a vehicle for distinguishing classical liberalism as the premier social order, sending socialism, communism, fascism, and totalitarianism into the dustbin of economic-dark-ages practices.

The tradition of ethics in classical liberalism and the Austrian school sets them apart. The subjectivist methodology launches economics and ethics on a parallel trajectory.

The corruption of the politicians, the political systems, the ego-driven interventionists, and the ego-driven interpreters runs into a brick wall as soon as ethics is elevated to its rightful place. For example, all human intervention into the economy is a corruption of the market process which implies with no compromise that economic intervention is unethical. In other words, it is a crime against humanity.

Let's make sure that ethics becomes the criterium for service!

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Saturday, December 20, 2008

A Positive Ethical Theory Now Exists!

Here are the fifteen axioms of the ethics of the divine economy (a positive ethical theory) that I have identified.

1. Humans carry their thoughts into the realm of action.

2. Being a seeker after truth is part of the human operating system.

3. The definition of praxeology used in the divine economy theory is ‘purposeful action by spiritual beings’ and it is interwoven with ethics.

4. Every human being decides what is best for himself (herself) and this decision is referred to as ‘subjective’ rather than as ‘selfish’ (a term which has too many biases associated with it).

5. What catches the attention of human beings is the appearance of the names and attributes of God.

6. The motivation behind our actions is the conveyance of the names and attributes of God.

7. Humans are interested in the science and the art of existence.

8. Our human limit is the point where a higher kingdom is reached, one that is incomprehensible to the lower kingdom.

9. The Word of God extends our knowledge of spiritual concepts.

10. The first and foremost ethic for the divine economy is trust in God.

11. The ethics between the macro and the micro level is seamless.

12. Acquisition of virtues constitutes private property.

13. Human rights are property rights and property rights are human rights.

14. Production is a human creation, emulating God, the Creator.

15. Pure entrepreneurship is the discovery of something from nothing.

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Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Foul-Smelling Mistake Of The Security Exchange Commission.

You cannot clean a dung pile!

You cannot have a Ponzi scheme without stupidity.

You cannot have the SEC without interventionism.

You cannot have an unConstitutional coup without a passive and careless Congress.

You cannot have justice without the demise of the fascist/socialist/statist politicians who fill the ranks of the two-headed single party in the U.S.

You cannot have liberty without a revolution.

You cannot have the classical liberalism civilization that is destined for us without courage and knowledge.

You cannot have the prosperity that is our birthright without understanding that the economy is divine, in other words, that all human intervention into the economy is a corruption.

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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Free Press By Independent Media Sources!

An interesting prospect!

Newspapers (like the Houston Chronicle) that exercise even a moderate degree of independence by merely reporting the obviously sleazy goings-on in Washington, DC find themselves respected by individuals seeking unbiased news.

Ultimately these newspapers are businesses needing to make a profit so they will respond to this increased prestige by continuing to exercise their independence (until the unConstitutional coup acts desperately and begins to coercively pressure this business enterprise that is simply trying to exercise a free press).

If enough businesses in the media have ethics and independence the unConstitutional coup will have to become blatantly totalitarian which should cause the blood of inherently liberty-loving Americans to boil.

This is another one of the reasons why the revolution to return to a Constitutional Republic will grow and succeed.

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Sunday, November 30, 2008

How Can We Test The Merits Of Economists?

On the Mises Institute blog site Paul Volcker was quoted and a statement was made: "There is a lot here that Austrian Economics would agree with."

It depends on what you mean by: "There is a lot here that Austrian Economics would agree with."

There is a wide spectrum of economic persuasion and there are some who jump around on that spectrum depending on the specific issue.

The range of that spectrum where Austrian economics resides is in the range that can be classified as classical liberalism. There is a test, one that is easy to use, to identify the authenticity of those economists who may appear to overlap into the 'Austrian economics' portion of the spectrum.

The test is the real world! The test is deeds not words! Here is the test in the clearest of terms: Is the 'economist' an interventionist? It is a yes or no proposition. There is no gray area.

Now since we know that Volcker is an interventionist, does it help to have an interventionist of his type among the inner circle of the unConstitutional coup? Can any of these economic terrorists separate out which injustices around the world that they had less of a hand in? Is treason a gradation?

We are living in a time when fuzziness in identifying true economics from fallacious economics does a tremendous disservice. I am not talking about intolerance, I am talking about economic science versus quackery.

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Friday, October 24, 2008

Criminal? Nay Says Greenspan!

Neither Alan Greenspan or Ben Bernanke will confess to their crimes, and Congress will deny its role in supporting the unConstitutional coup. It is shameful; but what can be expected when Greenspan, Bernanke and Congress all get their notoriety from the counterfeiting operation institutionalized from the early days of the unConstitutional coup?

But do not feel discouraged because they are not all-powerful as evidenced by their helplessness to 'fix' the economy. The all-powerful equilibrium forces will annihilate their corrupt ego-driven interventionism simply because America does actually have a role to play in the transformation of human civilization. America is an important ingredient for the establishment of a global classical liberalism civilization.

Our efforts to educate others about the principles of classical liberalism will contribute to the death of ego-driven interventionism and the birth of a prosperous contractual civilization established upon property rights as human rights.

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Friday, October 3, 2008

Get Ready To Help Educate Others About The Ethics Of The Free Market.

With main stream media geared up to hail the bailout 'as a way to free up the market' our challenge is very great. These lies, used to disguise the intervention of the unConstitutional coup, need to be countered by accessibility to the free market economics of classical liberalism.

Without doubt the Ludwig von Mises Institute and the Campaign For Liberty will continue to educate, and motivate more and more to educate others. Ron Paul, as a great statesman, will sound the clarion call of true economics and Peter Schiff will win over to non-interventionism rational people who have their savings in jeopardy because of the counterfeiting operation of the Federal Reserve in conjunction with the U.S. Treasury.

Time is short and the ignorance caused by the propaganda of the the unConstitutional coup is great and the indoctrination of at least seven generations weighs heavily on the American intellect because of socialized education. Can we raise awareness fast enough to counteract the next wave of anti-capitalistic rhetoric of the pawns of the unConstitutional coup?

If the voters oust enough of the special-interests-bound politicians and at least some of the newly elected representatives are bound by principle to uphold and defend the Constitution then that inward pressure combined with Ron Paul, Peter Schiff, the Mises Institute, internet access to sound economic education and unadulterated 'news' will make the next round of propaganda by the unConstitutional coup stick out like a sore thumb!

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Friday, September 26, 2008

Debate In Mississippi Tramples State Rights!

Where were the other candidates?

Why do the people of Mississippi allow the Federal government to come into their State and restrict the debate?

Have the people of Mississippi lost their soul? Is there no independence? Did your native sons die in vain when they fought for State sovereignty because you have allowed the propagandistic education promulgated by the unConstitutional coup to make you think that you were fighting for the right to enslave people? Are you now so ashamed (due to that indoctrination) to be worthy to call yourself a Mississipian?

I lived in Mississippi for four years and I did not get the impression that the people were content with the castration of their right to secede. Make amends by exposing the unConstitutional coup and by recapturing your State rights!

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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Where Did Materialism Come From?

Like John Maynard Keynes, John Kenneth Galbraith was the beneficiary of the confusion that he himself created!

Since economics had strayed from a scientific basis (by trying to force a round peg into a square hole) when it fell victim to 'physics envy,' it had very little defense against the fallacious proclamations of these ego-driven charlatans.

A nanosecond of exposure to the subjectivist methodology of Austrian economics would have caused these false statements and half-truths to perish and disappear from any further consideration. Woe unto us that the corrupt link between the political systems and the moral relativists was already a dominant feature of western civilization.

This corruption under the diseased 'guidance' of the economic and political quacks spread a pernicious materialism around the world.

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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Party Politics And Relative Morality.

We are living in the age of relative morality.

That is not, let me repeat, that is not a good thing!

Because of a strange intellectual and ethical lethargy we are living in a time when there is no practicable standard by which to compare and contrast behavior. As a result the ones who control the media and the education system decide what is ‘normal.’

The consequence is the aberration that we see: scoundrels (male and female) becoming the leaders.

In a classical liberalism society the human characteristics identified by natural law to be virtuous, it is these that will be held up as worthy of emulation, and deviation from these as the standard will be considered immoral. And who would you think would be the ones most renowned for possessing these virtues? Those who are elected by their fellow citizens to consult about the affairs of the community.

As you can see a classical liberalism society is the opposite of what we have now. Since it is reasonable to aspire towards a classical liberalism civilization we have to find ways to be of service that ultimately leads to the abolishment of the ego-driven interventionists (whose political ambitions corrupt themselves, and the system of government if they are allowed to hold those positions).

Eliminating political parties is one very helpful step. Then the individuals elected will be chosen simply because of their sincere service in their communities and their noble characteristics.

As you can see political parties are destructive of the elements necessary for civilization to advance properly. They are harmful and it is our job to abolish them.

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Monday, August 25, 2008

Improper Ethical Education Leads to Neo-Conservatism.

Who are the neo-conservatives?

First it must be clearly understood that they are statists. Because of improper education they believe that the State is necessary.

Second, there are variations but because they believe in the State they are interventionists. And because the State-supported system of government channels their 'leaders' through its political system there are common characteristics shared by these neo-conservatives when they get to a position of influence. They are all ego-driven interventionists!

Who are the neo-conservatives? They are the ones who have usurped the moral authority of the divine economy and imposed their finite, narrow and mostly pin-headed and oppressive schemes on the the rest, the oppressed.

Who are the neoconservatives? They are the unethical and improperly educated!

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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

An Ethical Education Is Beckoning To You!

Take action and act to strengthen your education and to strengthen your ethics. Use your entrepreneurial spirit, your alertness to real (not illusory) events, to identify one of the greatest opportunities so far in the history of this great nation and come together to save our Constitutional Republic from the unConstitutional coup.

Nowhere else will you be able to infuse into yourself the early glimmerings of the potential of a classical liberalism civilization. Nowhere else, in the immediate future, will you see how the virtues that honor private property and the subjectivist nature of humans transforms an amorphous but well-meaning individual into a person full of certitude, determined to contribute to an ethical society.

Wherever you are, if you are a seeker after the truth, if you are seeking an education and seeking to understand the purpose of ethics then it is time for you to give yourself a gift and give a gift to America and give a gift to the world. This is your opportunity, one of the greatest ones during your lifetime, to provide yourself with an ethical education that will galvanize you to help transform the world into a place of liberty and justice for all!

Don’t deprive yourself of this wondrous gift! Be sure to tell others and bring your friends!

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Monday, May 5, 2008

Is it Bumbling or Deliberate?

It is predictable by anyone who knows how ineffective and counterproductive intervention is: central planning of reading programs is a formula and a recipe for stagnation. That is - stagnation at best - but mind control through propaganda at worst.

How unfortunate is it that reading is faltering. Even the mature generations are unexposed to powerful and significant literature that nurtures alertness. Now we see reported that the young generations are bogged down in bureaucratically created ineptitude that renders them susceptible to all of the diversionary means of occupying their minds, such as video games and film. It also creates a vulnerability to the propaganda of the power elite - injected by their media ‘pushers.’

Will the people of the mature generation become brilliant and insightful citizens by reading enlightening literature that enkindles the spirit of liberty? Will the young generations rebel against the mediocrity and imbecility forced upon them by the political class that wants a dumb and powerless populace?

From this reading list for a free and prosperous America (and anywhere else in the world) there is bound to be several that will whet your appetite for justice, peace, prosperity and liberty.

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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

What’s Ethical About Omission?

Main stream media reveals itself as one of the most uninformed purveyors of news. It emphasizes repeatedly that there are only three candidates for President, which is a blatant falsehood. It addresses the issues and pretends to include all the possible perspectives but it always skips the most obvious and most truthful perspective for each of the issues. That perspective is the one that is Constitutional!

This practice is called omission and it is unethical.

The only reason main stream media even addresses the main issues of the horrors of war and of the collapse of the economy is because they are larger than life, and if they would ignore them, like their overlords would cherish, the people would surely see how servile main stream media is to the corrupt power elite.

The other tactic of omission used by main stream media is to cover ‘good news’ items. They put the ‘feel-good’ reports in and even claim to be being responsive to their listeners. How convenient! Instead of giving time for real substance to the very serious and overwhelmingly important issues - the collapsing economy and the horrors of war - they wander about and give the appearance of being interested in pursuing the news.

But the news is right there in front of them and they choose to omit it! This is blatantly unethical and it is shameful.

Will these same ‘news’ outlets ignore the best-selling success of The Revolution: A Manifesto? Will they cower and whisper in back rooms and deliberately scheme to hide the usurpation of our Constitutional Republic by the ego-driven interventionists? Will they shake in their boots when the message of classical liberalism is trumpeted by the great statesman of our time - Ron Paul?

There is nothing ethical about the omission practiced by main stream media.

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Sunday, April 20, 2008

The Constitution Is A Greater Measure Than Is Character!

The issue is not whether a particular person is perfect or not. It is a universally known fact that no human being is perfect. That does not mean that there are not some who are more virtuous than others, but still no one is perfect.

Which means that the real criteria for evaluating a candidate for any public office in America is not their relative perfections or imperfections but rather it is whether they abide by the Constitution. After all, the Constitution is the covenant that clearly distinguishes between those who are ego-driven and those who are humble servants interested in liberty and justice.

If a person has flaws (and inevitably he or she does) but meticulously and sincerely stays within the bounds given by the Constitution there is a healthy separation such that the people are served without the possibility of any of their personal flaws spilling out to the detriment of others. The Constitution protects individual liberties and guarantees property rights.

Those who violate the ‘covenant’ (one that is well documented and known as the Constitution) have no boundary to offer us protection from their imperfections. In fact if they are unprincipled enough to discard the Constitution they are already dangerously unscrupulous and ego-driven. Once the ego gets ahold of these unconstrained violators of the Constitution and they are given political power there will be no end to their interventionist ambitions.

So apply the test!

Is the candidate, in both words and deeds, unwaveringly dedicated to upholding and defending the Constitution? If not then their personal flaws will spill into your life!

Apply the test to Ron Paul!

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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Why the Media is Becoming Irrelevant - Lack of Ethics.

This will be a short blog entry about the obvious lack of ethics in the media coverage of the Presidential campaign.

When presented with an opportunity to serve as a catalyst for sharing important information corporate media is completely inept.

Are we supposed to believe that all of these journalistic professionals lack basic skills? These people are intelligent yet they seem to be devoid of intelligence when it comes to many of the questions they pose; and especially in the way they distribute their questions; and when they provide a gossip-like platform for the responses to the questions that they asked.

The only explanation is that they are being controlled which is an ethical dilemma for the media since they are supposed to adhere to the ethics of a free press.

What becomes increasing apparent to everyone is that the media is unethical and cannot be trusted. Increasingly other sources of information are sought which renders the Media irrelevant.

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Monday, January 21, 2008

Great Drama Without Media's Materialism Poison! Follow Ron Paul!

People are searching for good drama and what do they get? The unethical sleaze passed off as entertainment by the same irresponsible media moguls and their minions that try to be coy about 'erasing' Ron Paul from the eyes and minds of America and the rest of the world.

When I see the violence and carnal attitudes that are pawned off as entertainment and then I pause for a moment and reflect on the motivations of the warmongering media moguls sponsoring such trash, I realize that they are practicing a particularly devious type of brainwashing. They are teaching the adults and the children to be aggressive and war-like and to disrespect life since people are portrayed as despicable.

Seeing how the media are all acting in collusion to keep the message of liberty and peace (that is what Ron Paul is giving to the people) has enabled me to see through the rest of their programming.

What can I do to throw cold water in your face to make you shake off the spell? Reject this deliberate effort to make you an automaton molded into a someone who is subservient to the neoconservative plunderers.

Instead seek out the news via the internet about Ron Paul. There you will find great drama! You will see the battles with the vulgar media-types and you will see the exultation of everyone who has felt the breeze of liberty.

To get started visit the Ron Paul website everyday.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Martin Luther King, Jr. and Ron Paul Know the Power of Truth.

In contrast, Fox News does not know the power of truth. That is why they continue to make glaring fools of themselves as they attempt to step between the people and the message.

I will start with the South Carolina debate. They could not exclude Ron Paul again without a monumental uproar. Instead they schemed to ask trivial and derogatory questions. In all fairness they asked derogatory questions to all of the candidates so that part is just political journalism.

Here is how they implemented their trivial questioning. Carl Cameron broke the flow of the debate after having all of the other candidates answer the question about the Reagan coalition to interject a question to Ron Paul about '9/11 Truthers.' Despite this distraction Ron Paul politely asked to answer the common question and revealed the truth - sending the neoconservatives' heads spinning and raising their fearfulness.

Fox didn't even direct a question to Ron Paul during one of the rounds of questions. To do it a second time would have been really blatant so the next round they had their minion Carl Cameron ask Ron Paul another question. Is this person a professional journalist, and yet he stumbles and can only come up with a tiny question that is obviously meant to influence the public in a negative way towards Ron Paul? 'Unelectable' Cameron says! Ron Paul answers the question so truthfully and thoroughly that everyone that hears it is dumbfounded, including the other candidates who stand there like stone statues!

Fox News craftily and in a devious way removed that segment of the debate from its video recorded version and then hid the entire video from the public by making it almost impossible to find it on their website. We are talking about a website of a major news network who actually co-sponsored the debate and yet they do not want anybody seeing it.

Fox News excluded Ron Paul from the New Hampshire debate to keep the truth away from the people. They had some success influencing the election outcome but paid dearly for it. Fox News lost most of its credibility. This time they tried a different strategy and the truth rang out loud and clear. They are trying to hide it.

Martin Luther King, Jr. and Ron Paul know the power of truth. Truth cannot be silenced: no matter what techniques of slander, misrepresentation, or censorship the oppressors attempt!