Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Ron Paul Knows That Statism Is The Destroyer Of Civilization.

Those of you who find in the problems of the world a good reason to exhibit religious prejudice have fallen hook, line and sinker for statism. Individuals of all faiths interact peacefully and respectfully unless the State is granted the power to manipulate people to serve its own interests.

There are many, many examples throughout history where religion and the State (in whatever form) have mixed together to mobilize forces to persecute and oppress but the ultimate victor is the State. As its power increases so too does corruption and since the religions have always been fragmented there is always some faction that will twist itself (due to ego-driven interpretation) to serve the State.

Those with religious prejudices simmering in the deep recesses of their minds readily identify the vileness of that corrupt interpretation of the religion and shout at the top of their voices: "These are the rotten fruits of that religion!"

Do not be fooled by the perversion of religion caused by the State. Do not misdirect your discontent. It is and has always been the State that has trampled upon individual human rights and the rights of culturally vibrant communities. It has always been the State that has interfered with the free flow of ideas and goods between different groups because it has been the State's wish all along to extract wealth for itself. Once that is permitted the process of the growth of the State begins, and its power grows, and corruption begins to destroy peace and justice.

The advocates for the State are the ones who are the destroyers of our civilization and of all civilizations. The alternative to these ego-driven interventionists and these ego-driven interpreters is a worldwide classical liberalism civilization composed of many and diverse classical liberalism societies. The spirit that needs to stir in the hearts of men and women for the world to purge itself of statism is liberty.

Instead of these endless wars and the flare-ups of imaginary hatreds of our fellow human beings that are all caused by statism, classical liberalism is the means to a peaceful and prosperous and just way of life.

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