Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Some In Hollywood Promote Socialism ad nauseam.

Well let's look at 'meaning.'

The appreciation of diversity is meaningless if it requires blind acceptance of indiscrimating drones killing innocent human beings and at the same time causing people that are from diverse cultures to despise America.

What does it mean to waste resources by practicing what the government propaganda has tried to pass off as conservation, while at the same time the property rights which would best preserve our resources are trampled on by lying or ignorant politicians using their media shills?

What does it mean to 'sell a culture of intelligence instead of ignorance' if secrecy is chosen instead of real transparency, and if believing the propaganda of the unConstitutional coup is chosen instead of serious study of the Constitution and of its classical liberalism roots, and if holding the media accountable for all the gross omissions and commissions is ignored, creating the culture of ignorance and as part of the undermining of a culture of intelligence.

In contrast, now is the time for ideological change!

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