Thursday, January 28, 2010

Indiana University Is A Higher Education Embarrassment!

It is safe to assume that the unConstitutional coup, with its deeply penetrating tentacles, is very nervous about the message of liberty reaching the young - especially on its own territory - its camps of public 'education' (indoctrination). Just like it tries to control the media it will try to control the campuses. Just like some ambitious media-types are easily persuaded to do the bidding of the unConstitutional coup, even though it runs contrary to the cherished ideals of liberty and justice, so too there will be some administrators who have 'control' over these 'camps' that will seek the favor of the unConstitutional coup, hoping to get a little extra something from its counterfeit operation (the Federal Reserve), if you know what I mean! In other words, public finding for pseudo-research.

At least in some regards, Indiana University is a disgraceful example of an institution of higher learning!

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