Monday, December 24, 2007

Russert versus Stossel: A Quality Assessment!

Both of these professionals are investigative reporters. Since they both have this in common it should be possible to compare and contrast them to evaluate how well they do their job.

Another more specific commonality is their interview with Ron Paul. Let's examine the interviews and see if either of these reporters distinguishes himself.

John Stossel sat down with Ron Paul for an interview and broke the interview into segments. Each segment focused on certain aspects of the Ron Paul candicacy derived from the issues raised by Ron Paul during the campaign and from the reasons for supporting him given by his supporters. This was the first bit of evidence that John Stossel did preparatory research.

Then during the interview John Stossel asked probing questions, always posing the questions in the manner of a polite skeptic. Listening to the thoughtful questions posed it was obvious again that John Stossel did his research.

In contrast Tim Russert sat down with Ron Paul and broke the interview up into disjointed points. Tim Russert also did research, apparently digging deeply to find any inconsistencies in Ron Paul record of service. One reason Russert chose the 'disjointed points' format was to create an appearance of inconsistency.

Combined with this strategy of 'disjointed points' was the style of the interview chosen by Russert. Instead of asking a question or making a statement and allowing an answer, Russert pelted Ron Paul with these points allowing little time for Ron Paul to answer and even used unsubstantiated quotes as part of the interview technique. Consider this: If a question is asked, and a distortion is used as part of the question, which of these two should be responded to? And then before the response is finished another deliberately duplicitous question is thrown out.

The result of these techniques is to create the appearance of confusion.

How many decent human beings act his way? How would you respond to this vulgar and oppressive interview method?

Ron Paul is too polite to call Tim Russert a liar. He did, however, say that Russert simply did not understand that 'amending the Constitution is constitutional' during one of the times when Russert was conniving.

I think that journalism majors will be able to compare and contrast these two interviews for many years. Students will see the dignity of John Stossel and how well he prepares and I am sure they will want to model his professionalism.

And then there is the Tim Russert interview! Even students at his alma mater will cringe at this reprehensible interview.

What would make a person who is supposedly a professional act in such a degraded manner? Apparently he is a puppet with strings attached. The interventionists who are in control of the media are moving the strings and Russert is moving just as they wish.

During the interview Ron Paul spoke about the danger of fascism as being very real. As the champion of the Constitution he knows that he will have to battle enemies foreign and domestic. The fascists who move Russert's strings are trying to discredit Ron Paul.

Hopefully brave and free Americans will not be not as gentle and polite as Ron Paul. What I mean is this: Tim Russert is a lying, conniving, and enslaved haranguer!

Friday, December 21, 2007

Desperate Lies From The Tyrants - The Interventionists And Their Media!

What do I mean by desperate? The groundswell of support for Ron Paul in the U.S. (and all around the world!) is beyond their control. They have already tried to ignore him, and to minimize his access to the debates and then to the debate questions; and they have tried to avoid giving him any coverage. They have tried to make his support seem insignificant and then they tried to make them all appear odd.

These were lies but they were masked by complacency. Now that they are desperate the lies are bold and immoderate. They think that flooding the internet with lies will give them control of the internet. These are the same ones (and for the same reason) that want to regulate the internet.

Most internet users are well aware that good information comes only from good sources. Most well informed modern citizens also know that good sources are not the ones controlled by the interventionists and their minions.

What this means is that the desperate lies about Ron Paul propagated by the tyrannical ruling class can, at most, put out sparks of some of the less wise users of the internet.

In terms of education and ethics the interventionists and their media lapdogs fail horribly. They are failures in true education and they are dishonorable and corrupt.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Ron Paul Wins All Debates Because of His Ethics.

When the other candidates can no longer evade the debate forum with Ron Paul they are thrust into the midst of a great educator and a great ethicist. Next to their political slogans, diversions and memorized platitudes the clear, truthful, penetrating, and realistic answers of Ron Paul to all sorts of questions shines like the sun in mid-day splendor.

Ron Paul's answers are not forced nor are they timid. They are ethically-based; and he accepts his role as an educator. He is grateful to have discovered the concepts of classical liberalism and he knows that America was founded on these concepts. He also knows how the forces of tyranny have always strained every nerve to extinguish its light.

How can you test the validity of this assertion of mine that Ron Paul is genuinely a scholar and a statesman and a great ethicist? Has any person that you know written a fraction of that of Ron Paul, and on subjects of great significance (and lectured widely on the same)?

Why is He considered a statesman? It is because Ron Paul knows that the Constitution represents the great blessing given to the world when our nation was born. He has worked for the restoration of the Constitution, free from any and all political motives. He is unequivocally the greatest statesman since Thomas Jefferson.

Always underlying the message of Ron Paul is the ethics of liberty. That is why people of all backgrounds find resonance in his message as he educates us all in classical liberalism. If I am a Jew, or a Catholic, or a Protestant, or an Orthodox Christian, or a Muslim, or whatever else, I identify with the justice and unity and prosperity that comes from liberty.

None of this happened by accident. Ron Paul works hard and honestly; taking seriously his oath of office to defend and uphold the Constitution. Not only does Ron Paul have a mature understanding of ethics but he lives ethically. His work ethic probably began during his formative years on a farm. Farmers, who supply food upon which all of us depend, can find in Ron Paul an exemplary citizen and fellow farmer.

This is why the debates are always won by Ron Paul. Even when there is a deliberate effort to minimize his participation he captures the hearts and minds of the audience. The reason? Truth is far more powerful than any scheme.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Ron Paul is the Great Educator About Classical Liberalism.

Here we are, a nation and a world, dumbed down by government-controlled education. How likely is it that the sponsor of this education system will tell you that it is itself the major source of the problems? Hence we are in need of an educator that bypasses the censorship of the interventionists (both government and its media agents). Only now that we are witnessing the panic in the interventionists' camps are we able to see how remarkable is this feat. How aware have we been of the pervasiveness of the influence of the tainted 'education' propagated by the interventionists? At least three or four generations have lost their individual identity and have become serfs as predicted by 1974 Nobel Prize laureate Friedrich von Hayek in his best selling book Road to Serfdom.

Ron Paul is a scholar in classical liberalism. He has read extensively the works of Hayek and Ludwig von Mises and classical liberals from Aristotle up to the present. He is a published author of many scholarly works and has spoken for many years at many distinguished forums about the concepts and principles of classical liberalism. He is renowned for his awareness of the Constitution and the influence of classical liberalism thought on the founders of this nation.

Now, by the grace of God, Ron Paul has a national audience that has become a worldwide audience. People all across the nation and all over the world are learning about the principles of classical liberalism. These principles are liberty, private property, free market economics, sound money, peaceful international trade, voluntary contracts, and government that is strictly limited to protection of person and property from fraud or violence.

Ron Paul is a true classical liberal. There are no blemishes in his service to mankind. As a person, as a doctor, and as a stateman he has lived an exemplary life. Never has he compromised his principles for personal gain or for any political reason. Never has there been a statesman like him in our history. We have to look back to the likes of George Washington to find someone as principled and back to Thomas Jefferson to find someone as well informed about classical liberalism.

As you can see we are living in a unprecedented time. Ron Paul is humbly and effectively educating several generations of people all over the world about the power of freedom to bring about unity in diversity. There is not a trace of belligerence in freedom; which means that the hostilities around the world will quickly dissipate if the divisiveness of the ego-driven interventionists is thrown into the dustbin of outworn and oppressive ideologies.

Please do what you can to advance the ethics of liberty and the ethics of true education by investigating the message of Ron Paul. You will appreciate him as one of the greatest teachers that you have encountered during your life. Great teachers, as you know, are among the most important people in the world and they deserve all the praise and honor that we can afford them.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Education And Ethics And The Media.

Undeniably a major contributor to the education of an individual is the media!

As a very young child most of the education comes from the parents but how the parents interact with the media serves as an example and educator of the child. If the parent uses moderation and makes sure that the child is lovingly cared for then the child learns to be a critical viewer.

Once the child is school-aged the media competes for the attention of the child. Technological advances have made the media portable, and so it is always with the child and it can facilitate the educational process or it can distract away from the discipline needed to acquire foundational knowledge.

By youthhood there is an independent connection to the media. At this stage there is a choice made about whether the media will be the primary or a secondary source of information. This decision carries over into adulthood.

Notice that each individual at each stage in their life is looking towards the media. Possibly during the formation of ethics and certainly during the application of ethics the media plays a role.

Now we have arrived at the point that I want to emphasize. There is an ethical responsibility that rests upon the media. This is easily proven by considering why it is that fraud is considered a crime. If someone conveys (by some form of media) false information an act of fraud has occurred and universally there is recognition that fraud is something that should be punishable.

Where does the ethical responsibility of the media rest? In a free society it rests with the originator of the information. In a controlled society the responsibility becomes difficult to trace to its origin because it is in the form of propaganda.

The only recourse, in a society that is controlled by interventionists, is for the people to demand ethical behavior. And that is what needs to happen now!

Are the major news networks becoming irrelevant? If they are too controlled to report news in an unbiased manner the answer is yes! There is no legitimate reason to deny coverage to Ron Paul. Are the reporters that poor at discovering news or are they constrained? Constraining media is an oxymoron and so the only explanation for this constraining is that it is a type of fraud conducted by the ego-driven interventionists.

The lack of ethics in the media profession is abhorrent as attested by their slow and reluctant coverage of Ron Paul.

I challenge everyone in the media to do your job with justice. I challenge everyone in the world to make ethics the basis of your education. If the media is acting unethically speak out!!!

Saturday, October 13, 2007

American Ethic And Ron Paul

I always wondered what it would be like to have a national identity. Since it has been numerous generations since my ancestors came to America, when I would see people who still had close ties to their cultural roots I would feel happy for their good fortune and at the same time I would feel a void in my life. Yet I never was attracted to the belligerent national pride repeatedly touted by politicians to serve their own ego-driven motives.

One of the things that I have learned from Ron Paul is that we do have an American ethic and that ethic was formalized and preserved in the Constitution. Nowhere else in the world is there a covenant between the people and their government that has the same unique characteristics. All of the characteristics embodied in the Constitution are part of the system of liberty and justice that stir the hearts of Americans to their very core.

This American ethic clearly set forth in the Constitution is unifying. The freedoms are granted to all, which is why liberty is also a system of justice.

If you understand why this covenant had to be clearly defined and put into the form of a legal document that we call the Constitution then you also understand who is the enemy of liberty and justice. The American ethic identifies the enemy as unrepresentative government which means government that is centralized. That is why the Constitution is a document affirming States rights.

None of the abominations that afflict our nation would even exist if States rights were dominant. Our nation of united States would not be fighting wars all over the world nor would counterfeiting of the currency by a central bank be permitted.

The American ethic that has been deliberately made obscure by an education system that serves its lord (centralized government) is, ironically, well defined and it is readily available to everyone. The relevance of the Constitution is now made supremely evident by a humble statesman, Ron Paul, who can restore to a nation its highly meritorious ethic.

If you are searching for the American ethic simply read the Constitution. In it you will find an identity that will make you proud, but humbly proud, and thankful for being born in such a remarkable and honorable nation.

To get to know more about Ron Paul watch the PBS interview that aired on 10/12/07:

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Education And Ethics And Ron Paul.

What we have here, what we are witnessing right before our eyes is the removal of the shackles of propaganda which have been passed off as education for several generations! And at the same time we are awakening to our long last ethic as a people blessed to live in a nation founded upon liberty and justice.

Neither of these monumental changes have been so alive and vital since the days of the founding of our nation. However this time information can travel at the speed of light but also this time the oppressor is amongst us rather than in a distant land.

We are very fortunate to have a statesman, Ron Paul, who was able to persevere by principle in a political system that perpetuates itself by using the education system to distort the American ethic. Ron Paul is rare for his uncompromising principles and the reason he is uncompromising is because he understands classical liberalism. He aspires to give the idea of liberty and justice and prosperity to everyone. His unselfishness is the reason some say that not since George Washington has there been such a leader.

The prospect of true education and ethics finding a resurgence is aided by the internet and by the instant recognition of the truth value of liberty and justice. All minds not veiled by indoctrination are intrigued and attracted.

It is noteworthy that this movement is referred to as a revolution and it is distinctively an American revolution. We are fortunate to be able to do what our forefathers did and we are fortunate to know that the enemy will resist. Instead of 'The redcoats are coming!' we may hear 'The welfare/warfare statists are coming!'

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Moral Relativity - First Commentary.

The history of ethics, when viewed with the aid of classical liberalism, shows the connection between ethical thought and the Founders of the various Faiths. In the Western civilization ethics unfolded over time and was greatly influenced by the religious teachings of Moses and Christ.

Within the universal Catholic Church there were great ethicists like Saint Augustine and Thomas Aquinas and it was the universal nature of the Church and its command over the masses across vast regions that foiled secular despotism. In other words 'the prince was under the law' meaning that rulers had to abide by the Judeo-Christian principles. One of the basic underlying and all-encompassing principles was that God was the Law-Giver.

The rulers whose hearts were not subdued by these principles lusted after power and coveted the power and property of the Church. And so it was that when the Protestant Reformation movement arose in the sixteenth century the power-seeking rulers fanned the flame of rebellion against the Catholic Church. Their motives were for their own gain and they had no idea how this upheaval would affect the education of humanity from then up until the present time. They had no idea that their selfish designs would undermine ethics for centuries to come.

I will continue this commentary in my next blog entry. If you are interested in this subject also consider reading my entries in Divine Economy Ethics.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Intervention In Education Undermines Ethics - #1.

First of all I want to say that the latest advancement in education, which may still be unperceived by most, is small group education of children and the training of adults in study circle formats within clusters within regions all around the world. Then the interexchange of experiences accelerates the process of learning because all these clusters and groups are learning from one another and this then quickly becomes incorporated. Fluidity and lack of rigidity contributes to the advancement of learning and the advancement in education.

In contrast we look at the outcome of interventionism. In brief here is the outcome. The responsibility for educating the children is taken over by the government and all other systems are systematically and coercively restricted. The curriculum is mandated, and guess what the curriculum teaches about interventionism - that is essential and necessary!

The responsibility for educating children no longer belongs to the parents in a system of intervention and so consider this consequence: Parents are not conscious of their educational responsibilities as is demonstrated in their prolific drinking of alcohol.

How could the parents, in their own minds, teach their children about all aspects of life and still be able to set such a poor example? Drug use, the consumption of alcohol, makes hypocrites out of educators. In other words, intervention in education undermines the ethics of the parents and perpetuates this dearth of ethics in the children.

Saturday, August 4, 2007

Launching of the Education and Ethics Blog!

Those who have their pulse on the education of humankind know two essential principles. One has to do with content and the other has to do with the method of delivery.

This blog will always address one or the other of these two principles.

To begin I will give an analogy: the first step in painting a bare metal surface is to add a primer otherwise the surface will rust and the layers (no matter how many) above will eventually be ruined!

Minds and hearts without the primer of virtues will tend to be corrupted no matter how advanced or specialized the degree of learning. Of course no one is denying the importance of the highest degree of perfection in higher learning but to disregard the essential and fundamental basis of education is to put powerful tools into the hands of the corruptible.