Monday, January 4, 2010

Making Sense Of The "Green" Movement.

Now it makes sense.

It has the support of the politicians and 'special funding' is directed towards research to sway scientists to confirm the propaganda.


Because it is a taxing scheme that touches (taxes) every person (and every breath). It is a new universal tax on every person on the planet!

Once adopted all that has to be done is: to increase the rate. Then if it is expensive to implement totalitarianism at a scale never imagined except by Marx (when he fantasized about the pentultimate stage of communism, followed by his fantasy of the annihilation of humanity) the ego-driven politicians only need to charge a rate - set arbitrarily by some czar - equal to the removal of all luxury goods.

No longer are you merely their slave, but rather you are living as part of their forced labor in a worldwide concentration camp. "Green" will become a colorless brown and then blood red.

Stop this pseudo-scientific propaganda and stop the political extortionists!

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