Saturday, January 30, 2010

'Academic Freedom' Is Obsolescent And A Misnomer.

'Academic freedom' in its current form exists because it is tolerated!

The State has so interfered with the workings of the market that the market barely is able to function. It is like language without a vocabulary of more than 100 words! There is only so much that can be communicated or understood using such a language.

The advantage to the State is that because there is so little ability to communicate and understand under its opressive design it makes it very difficult for the discovery of the wondrous alternative and it makes it difficult for a rebellion to form.

But it is against the human reality to exist like that (a state of severly suppressed entrepreneurial spirit) so people will begin 'busting at the seams' and an underground civilization will form.

At some point the lies and distortions that spew out as a result of so-called 'academic freedom' will no longer be tolerated. That will be one of the signs that there is an ideological shift!

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