Sunday, April 20, 2008

The Constitution Is A Greater Measure Than Is Character!

The issue is not whether a particular person is perfect or not. It is a universally known fact that no human being is perfect. That does not mean that there are not some who are more virtuous than others, but still no one is perfect.

Which means that the real criteria for evaluating a candidate for any public office in America is not their relative perfections or imperfections but rather it is whether they abide by the Constitution. After all, the Constitution is the covenant that clearly distinguishes between those who are ego-driven and those who are humble servants interested in liberty and justice.

If a person has flaws (and inevitably he or she does) but meticulously and sincerely stays within the bounds given by the Constitution there is a healthy separation such that the people are served without the possibility of any of their personal flaws spilling out to the detriment of others. The Constitution protects individual liberties and guarantees property rights.

Those who violate the ‘covenant’ (one that is well documented and known as the Constitution) have no boundary to offer us protection from their imperfections. In fact if they are unprincipled enough to discard the Constitution they are already dangerously unscrupulous and ego-driven. Once the ego gets ahold of these unconstrained violators of the Constitution and they are given political power there will be no end to their interventionist ambitions.

So apply the test!

Is the candidate, in both words and deeds, unwaveringly dedicated to upholding and defending the Constitution? If not then their personal flaws will spill into your life!

Apply the test to Ron Paul!

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