Saturday, December 20, 2008

A Positive Ethical Theory Now Exists!

Here are the fifteen axioms of the ethics of the divine economy (a positive ethical theory) that I have identified.

1. Humans carry their thoughts into the realm of action.

2. Being a seeker after truth is part of the human operating system.

3. The definition of praxeology used in the divine economy theory is ‘purposeful action by spiritual beings’ and it is interwoven with ethics.

4. Every human being decides what is best for himself (herself) and this decision is referred to as ‘subjective’ rather than as ‘selfish’ (a term which has too many biases associated with it).

5. What catches the attention of human beings is the appearance of the names and attributes of God.

6. The motivation behind our actions is the conveyance of the names and attributes of God.

7. Humans are interested in the science and the art of existence.

8. Our human limit is the point where a higher kingdom is reached, one that is incomprehensible to the lower kingdom.

9. The Word of God extends our knowledge of spiritual concepts.

10. The first and foremost ethic for the divine economy is trust in God.

11. The ethics between the macro and the micro level is seamless.

12. Acquisition of virtues constitutes private property.

13. Human rights are property rights and property rights are human rights.

14. Production is a human creation, emulating God, the Creator.

15. Pure entrepreneurship is the discovery of something from nothing.

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