Friday, January 11, 2008

Martin Luther King, Jr. and Ron Paul Know the Power of Truth.

In contrast, Fox News does not know the power of truth. That is why they continue to make glaring fools of themselves as they attempt to step between the people and the message.

I will start with the South Carolina debate. They could not exclude Ron Paul again without a monumental uproar. Instead they schemed to ask trivial and derogatory questions. In all fairness they asked derogatory questions to all of the candidates so that part is just political journalism.

Here is how they implemented their trivial questioning. Carl Cameron broke the flow of the debate after having all of the other candidates answer the question about the Reagan coalition to interject a question to Ron Paul about '9/11 Truthers.' Despite this distraction Ron Paul politely asked to answer the common question and revealed the truth - sending the neoconservatives' heads spinning and raising their fearfulness.

Fox didn't even direct a question to Ron Paul during one of the rounds of questions. To do it a second time would have been really blatant so the next round they had their minion Carl Cameron ask Ron Paul another question. Is this person a professional journalist, and yet he stumbles and can only come up with a tiny question that is obviously meant to influence the public in a negative way towards Ron Paul? 'Unelectable' Cameron says! Ron Paul answers the question so truthfully and thoroughly that everyone that hears it is dumbfounded, including the other candidates who stand there like stone statues!

Fox News craftily and in a devious way removed that segment of the debate from its video recorded version and then hid the entire video from the public by making it almost impossible to find it on their website. We are talking about a website of a major news network who actually co-sponsored the debate and yet they do not want anybody seeing it.

Fox News excluded Ron Paul from the New Hampshire debate to keep the truth away from the people. They had some success influencing the election outcome but paid dearly for it. Fox News lost most of its credibility. This time they tried a different strategy and the truth rang out loud and clear. They are trying to hide it.

Martin Luther King, Jr. and Ron Paul know the power of truth. Truth cannot be silenced: no matter what techniques of slander, misrepresentation, or censorship the oppressors attempt!

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