Wednesday, April 30, 2008

What’s Ethical About Omission?

Main stream media reveals itself as one of the most uninformed purveyors of news. It emphasizes repeatedly that there are only three candidates for President, which is a blatant falsehood. It addresses the issues and pretends to include all the possible perspectives but it always skips the most obvious and most truthful perspective for each of the issues. That perspective is the one that is Constitutional!

This practice is called omission and it is unethical.

The only reason main stream media even addresses the main issues of the horrors of war and of the collapse of the economy is because they are larger than life, and if they would ignore them, like their overlords would cherish, the people would surely see how servile main stream media is to the corrupt power elite.

The other tactic of omission used by main stream media is to cover ‘good news’ items. They put the ‘feel-good’ reports in and even claim to be being responsive to their listeners. How convenient! Instead of giving time for real substance to the very serious and overwhelmingly important issues - the collapsing economy and the horrors of war - they wander about and give the appearance of being interested in pursuing the news.

But the news is right there in front of them and they choose to omit it! This is blatantly unethical and it is shameful.

Will these same ‘news’ outlets ignore the best-selling success of The Revolution: A Manifesto? Will they cower and whisper in back rooms and deliberately scheme to hide the usurpation of our Constitutional Republic by the ego-driven interventionists? Will they shake in their boots when the message of classical liberalism is trumpeted by the great statesman of our time - Ron Paul?

There is nothing ethical about the omission practiced by main stream media.

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