Monday, May 5, 2008

Is it Bumbling or Deliberate?

It is predictable by anyone who knows how ineffective and counterproductive intervention is: central planning of reading programs is a formula and a recipe for stagnation. That is - stagnation at best - but mind control through propaganda at worst.

How unfortunate is it that reading is faltering. Even the mature generations are unexposed to powerful and significant literature that nurtures alertness. Now we see reported that the young generations are bogged down in bureaucratically created ineptitude that renders them susceptible to all of the diversionary means of occupying their minds, such as video games and film. It also creates a vulnerability to the propaganda of the power elite - injected by their media ‘pushers.’

Will the people of the mature generation become brilliant and insightful citizens by reading enlightening literature that enkindles the spirit of liberty? Will the young generations rebel against the mediocrity and imbecility forced upon them by the political class that wants a dumb and powerless populace?

From this reading list for a free and prosperous America (and anywhere else in the world) there is bound to be several that will whet your appetite for justice, peace, prosperity and liberty.

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