Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Why the Media is Becoming Irrelevant - Lack of Ethics.

This will be a short blog entry about the obvious lack of ethics in the media coverage of the Presidential campaign.

When presented with an opportunity to serve as a catalyst for sharing important information corporate media is completely inept.

Are we supposed to believe that all of these journalistic professionals lack basic skills? These people are intelligent yet they seem to be devoid of intelligence when it comes to many of the questions they pose; and especially in the way they distribute their questions; and when they provide a gossip-like platform for the responses to the questions that they asked.

The only explanation is that they are being controlled which is an ethical dilemma for the media since they are supposed to adhere to the ethics of a free press.

What becomes increasing apparent to everyone is that the media is unethical and cannot be trusted. Increasingly other sources of information are sought which renders the Media irrelevant.

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