Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Ethics As The Chief Criterium For Service!

What is very clear from your interesting article is that ethics needs to come front and center!

This (ethics as a key issue) is another vehicle for distinguishing Austrian economics from all of the fallacious empirical namesakes. It is also a vehicle for distinguishing classical liberalism as the premier social order, sending socialism, communism, fascism, and totalitarianism into the dustbin of economic-dark-ages practices.

The tradition of ethics in classical liberalism and the Austrian school sets them apart. The subjectivist methodology launches economics and ethics on a parallel trajectory.

The corruption of the politicians, the political systems, the ego-driven interventionists, and the ego-driven interpreters runs into a brick wall as soon as ethics is elevated to its rightful place. For example, all human intervention into the economy is a corruption of the market process which implies with no compromise that economic intervention is unethical. In other words, it is a crime against humanity.

Let's make sure that ethics becomes the criterium for service!

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