Friday, October 24, 2008

Criminal? Nay Says Greenspan!

Neither Alan Greenspan or Ben Bernanke will confess to their crimes, and Congress will deny its role in supporting the unConstitutional coup. It is shameful; but what can be expected when Greenspan, Bernanke and Congress all get their notoriety from the counterfeiting operation institutionalized from the early days of the unConstitutional coup?

But do not feel discouraged because they are not all-powerful as evidenced by their helplessness to 'fix' the economy. The all-powerful equilibrium forces will annihilate their corrupt ego-driven interventionism simply because America does actually have a role to play in the transformation of human civilization. America is an important ingredient for the establishment of a global classical liberalism civilization.

Our efforts to educate others about the principles of classical liberalism will contribute to the death of ego-driven interventionism and the birth of a prosperous contractual civilization established upon property rights as human rights.

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