Saturday, October 13, 2007

American Ethic And Ron Paul

I always wondered what it would be like to have a national identity. Since it has been numerous generations since my ancestors came to America, when I would see people who still had close ties to their cultural roots I would feel happy for their good fortune and at the same time I would feel a void in my life. Yet I never was attracted to the belligerent national pride repeatedly touted by politicians to serve their own ego-driven motives.

One of the things that I have learned from Ron Paul is that we do have an American ethic and that ethic was formalized and preserved in the Constitution. Nowhere else in the world is there a covenant between the people and their government that has the same unique characteristics. All of the characteristics embodied in the Constitution are part of the system of liberty and justice that stir the hearts of Americans to their very core.

This American ethic clearly set forth in the Constitution is unifying. The freedoms are granted to all, which is why liberty is also a system of justice.

If you understand why this covenant had to be clearly defined and put into the form of a legal document that we call the Constitution then you also understand who is the enemy of liberty and justice. The American ethic identifies the enemy as unrepresentative government which means government that is centralized. That is why the Constitution is a document affirming States rights.

None of the abominations that afflict our nation would even exist if States rights were dominant. Our nation of united States would not be fighting wars all over the world nor would counterfeiting of the currency by a central bank be permitted.

The American ethic that has been deliberately made obscure by an education system that serves its lord (centralized government) is, ironically, well defined and it is readily available to everyone. The relevance of the Constitution is now made supremely evident by a humble statesman, Ron Paul, who can restore to a nation its highly meritorious ethic.

If you are searching for the American ethic simply read the Constitution. In it you will find an identity that will make you proud, but humbly proud, and thankful for being born in such a remarkable and honorable nation.

To get to know more about Ron Paul watch the PBS interview that aired on 10/12/07:

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