Sunday, August 19, 2007

Intervention In Education Undermines Ethics - #1.

First of all I want to say that the latest advancement in education, which may still be unperceived by most, is small group education of children and the training of adults in study circle formats within clusters within regions all around the world. Then the interexchange of experiences accelerates the process of learning because all these clusters and groups are learning from one another and this then quickly becomes incorporated. Fluidity and lack of rigidity contributes to the advancement of learning and the advancement in education.

In contrast we look at the outcome of interventionism. In brief here is the outcome. The responsibility for educating the children is taken over by the government and all other systems are systematically and coercively restricted. The curriculum is mandated, and guess what the curriculum teaches about interventionism - that is essential and necessary!

The responsibility for educating children no longer belongs to the parents in a system of intervention and so consider this consequence: Parents are not conscious of their educational responsibilities as is demonstrated in their prolific drinking of alcohol.

How could the parents, in their own minds, teach their children about all aspects of life and still be able to set such a poor example? Drug use, the consumption of alcohol, makes hypocrites out of educators. In other words, intervention in education undermines the ethics of the parents and perpetuates this dearth of ethics in the children.

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