Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Education And Ethics And The Media.

Undeniably a major contributor to the education of an individual is the media!

As a very young child most of the education comes from the parents but how the parents interact with the media serves as an example and educator of the child. If the parent uses moderation and makes sure that the child is lovingly cared for then the child learns to be a critical viewer.

Once the child is school-aged the media competes for the attention of the child. Technological advances have made the media portable, and so it is always with the child and it can facilitate the educational process or it can distract away from the discipline needed to acquire foundational knowledge.

By youthhood there is an independent connection to the media. At this stage there is a choice made about whether the media will be the primary or a secondary source of information. This decision carries over into adulthood.

Notice that each individual at each stage in their life is looking towards the media. Possibly during the formation of ethics and certainly during the application of ethics the media plays a role.

Now we have arrived at the point that I want to emphasize. There is an ethical responsibility that rests upon the media. This is easily proven by considering why it is that fraud is considered a crime. If someone conveys (by some form of media) false information an act of fraud has occurred and universally there is recognition that fraud is something that should be punishable.

Where does the ethical responsibility of the media rest? In a free society it rests with the originator of the information. In a controlled society the responsibility becomes difficult to trace to its origin because it is in the form of propaganda.

The only recourse, in a society that is controlled by interventionists, is for the people to demand ethical behavior. And that is what needs to happen now!

Are the major news networks becoming irrelevant? If they are too controlled to report news in an unbiased manner the answer is yes! There is no legitimate reason to deny coverage to Ron Paul. Are the reporters that poor at discovering news or are they constrained? Constraining media is an oxymoron and so the only explanation for this constraining is that it is a type of fraud conducted by the ego-driven interventionists.

The lack of ethics in the media profession is abhorrent as attested by their slow and reluctant coverage of Ron Paul.

I challenge everyone in the media to do your job with justice. I challenge everyone in the world to make ethics the basis of your education. If the media is acting unethically speak out!!!

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