Thursday, October 11, 2007

Education And Ethics And Ron Paul.

What we have here, what we are witnessing right before our eyes is the removal of the shackles of propaganda which have been passed off as education for several generations! And at the same time we are awakening to our long last ethic as a people blessed to live in a nation founded upon liberty and justice.

Neither of these monumental changes have been so alive and vital since the days of the founding of our nation. However this time information can travel at the speed of light but also this time the oppressor is amongst us rather than in a distant land.

We are very fortunate to have a statesman, Ron Paul, who was able to persevere by principle in a political system that perpetuates itself by using the education system to distort the American ethic. Ron Paul is rare for his uncompromising principles and the reason he is uncompromising is because he understands classical liberalism. He aspires to give the idea of liberty and justice and prosperity to everyone. His unselfishness is the reason some say that not since George Washington has there been such a leader.

The prospect of true education and ethics finding a resurgence is aided by the internet and by the instant recognition of the truth value of liberty and justice. All minds not veiled by indoctrination are intrigued and attracted.

It is noteworthy that this movement is referred to as a revolution and it is distinctively an American revolution. We are fortunate to be able to do what our forefathers did and we are fortunate to know that the enemy will resist. Instead of 'The redcoats are coming!' we may hear 'The welfare/warfare statists are coming!'

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