Friday, December 21, 2007

Desperate Lies From The Tyrants - The Interventionists And Their Media!

What do I mean by desperate? The groundswell of support for Ron Paul in the U.S. (and all around the world!) is beyond their control. They have already tried to ignore him, and to minimize his access to the debates and then to the debate questions; and they have tried to avoid giving him any coverage. They have tried to make his support seem insignificant and then they tried to make them all appear odd.

These were lies but they were masked by complacency. Now that they are desperate the lies are bold and immoderate. They think that flooding the internet with lies will give them control of the internet. These are the same ones (and for the same reason) that want to regulate the internet.

Most internet users are well aware that good information comes only from good sources. Most well informed modern citizens also know that good sources are not the ones controlled by the interventionists and their minions.

What this means is that the desperate lies about Ron Paul propagated by the tyrannical ruling class can, at most, put out sparks of some of the less wise users of the internet.

In terms of education and ethics the interventionists and their media lapdogs fail horribly. They are failures in true education and they are dishonorable and corrupt.

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