Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Why Is Ignorance Of Usury Like A Superstition?

This is the age-old rise of the ego-driven interpreter, the same unauthorized interpretation that kept the divine economy from blossuming in the past.

Instead of the potential of a divine civilization the tiny lights of classical liberalism had to spring up and sustain themselves until the ego-driven interpreters teamed up with the ego-driven interventionists during the Protest Reformation and began anew their attempt to erase the classical liberalism philosophy from the minds of 'men and from history.

It is the same unauthorized ego-driven interpretation that plagued Islam. There is no authority for anyone to misinterpret usury, then or now.

Economic science proves that this is nothing but a misinterpretation. That is unless the same ego-driven interpreters and interventionists pervert economic science too! Yes, that is exactly what they have done!

But classical liberalism and Austrian economics is experiencing a wonderful resurgence. As a result, the record will be set straight and the ego-driven interpreters and the ego-driven interventionists will find themselves scorned, thank God.

I'd tell Robyn Blumner to go to hell but the fact that she is an ego-driven interpreter indicates that she already dwells there.

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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Free Markets Are Ethical, Socialism And Fascism Are Not!

How many battlefronts does Ron Paul have to command?

There are so many economic fallacies created by the indoctrination (called education by the government schools) and promoted by the bribed media that Ron Paul has to prioritize which ones are of the utmost importance.

The lies about capitalism and free markets is one of the important battlefronts and Congressman Paul is starting to break open the secret chambers of lies so the mass of half-truths can spill out like a filthy sludge.

Soon the serious and true education can begin!

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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Will Natasha Richardson's Accident Destroy Health Care?

What a shock to the psyche of those with wealth! Or are the wealthy so propagandized by the State or by the competitive peer pressure of the "green" or "vegan" or "baby adoption" socialistic idealism of the "rich and famous" that they miss the point?

Are the wealthy going to find inspiration from this shocking episode to fight to preserve private health care in the United States? Will they either reduce their tourism to Canada or pay for an emergency service that can cross the border if something life-threatening occurs?

Or will they act "dumb or dumber" and jump on the socialism bandwagon to destroy what is left of an endangered species - private health care!

I sure hope the wealthy use their resources to educate themselves about classical liberalism and in that manner leave a legacy, a true legacy rather than the plethora of shallow, ephemoral 'showboating' and vain types of legacies. Are the wealthy just airheads who award extortionists like Al Gore the Oscar or are they intelligent enough to recognize that private property and sound money are the foundations of a prosperous and just society?

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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

What Does A Political Lie Look Like?

Talk about political double talk!

The proposed deficit reduction at the halfway point means that the deficit will then be twice as large as it was at the beginning of his term.

That is what is held up as the great promise! Is it a lie to call it a deficit reduction? After being robbed the bandit leaves a mint, is the bandit thoughtful and kind, and generally a really great guy?

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Friday, March 13, 2009

Enemies Of Liberty Spread The Cause Of Liberty!

This subtle attempt to shake the support for Ron Paul by identifying him with the marijuana legalization issue will backfire like everything else.

No one is as principled and as well versed in American history, free market economics, and what our Constitutional Republic should look like.

All speaking opportunities for Ron Paul are opportunities for him to educate the audience. The media is still so delusionally confident and proud that it thinks it can go face-to-face with Ron Paul and make him look bad!

The enemies of liberty are merely spreading the cause of liberty!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Educating Yourself About Economics Is Now Easy!

What an incredible job the Mises Institute is doing educating everyone on the planet.

It is ironic that the history of economic thought is now readily available to everyone during these Dark Ages of economics when few people know about the history of economic thought (which is part of the reason we are in the Dark Ages!)

And the obstructors of economic learning who like having ignorant masses so they can oppress them with their ego-driven interventionism have nothing to offer to counter the piercing truth of the genius of Murray Rothbard.

Their only 'hope' is illiteracy which explains the dumbing down by government-funded "education" and the deliberate bombardment by the imbecilic media "talking-heads" who serve the unConstitutional coup.

The brilliance of the light on the horizon ushering in an Age of Economic Enlightenment is the educative rays beaming from the Mises Institute. Connect to the Mises Institute site and soak in the rays!

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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

What Is Ethical About Masquerading? Educate Yourself!

Are the people entertained and mesmerized when the magician performs his tricks well? But the tricks require the props to function properly. How thrilling would it be if the magician reaches down into the hat and there is no rabbit to pull out?

This analogy is pretty benign. But what if the real magician, the one on the stage making you feel good, is using props that cannot be seen and these props are destroying everything that is dear about our Constitutional Republic?

The mouthpiece (and puppet) of the unConstitutional coup can put his own twist on the style of oppression - making it look like socialism - but the members of the inner circle of the unConstitutional coup are blatantly fascist so that is the true nature of their schemes.

What we see is a show, pre-recorded and rehersed (not enough) but a technological glitch exposes the magician as a street talker even to the adoring audience.

Beware of the socialistic flavor of this street vendor's wares and be especially alert to the theft and murder committed by the thugs of the unConstitutional coup that occurred before the stolen property was given to the vendor to sell!

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Sunday, March 8, 2009

We Need Change Not Status Quo!

I was left with a big skepticism about what these 'experts' were saying in this linked news clip. If the video summary represented the impression of those in attendence then the cause of classical liberalism treaded water - at best.

By the description given by the slippery and smooth talking Philadelphia Federal Reserve Vice President it is clear to anyone with even moderate perception that economists are just protecting their turf, not willing to be seen as vehemently opposed to the lack of ethics in their profession.

That is one of the main weaknesses of the economics profession. Those who cannot fathom how it is possible to scientifically merge economics and ethics will have to be satisfied with treading water.

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Can Ethical Journalists Make A Difference?

Dear John Stossel,

Thank you for your integrity and your entrepreneurial spirit. You are alert to what is going on and strong enough in character to speak out.

I sure hope that your reputation and status will enable you to educate your starving audience. Not only is the economic intervention of the government unethical but so is its deliberate propagandizing which includes minimizing access to true economics, represented by Ludwig von Mises and others in the classical liberalism tradition.

I sure hope you can convince others in your profession by your deeds or by your argument to serve mankind instead of the unConstitutional coup in the U.S. that is destroying our Constitutional Republic.

Best wishes,
Bruce Koerber

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Friday, March 6, 2009

The Evil Twin Of The Laissez-Faire Invisible Hand.

Peter L. P. Simpson calls it the 'reverse invisible hand.'

It is definitely obvious by the general ignorance of the public that what the ego-driven interventionists are doing is invisible to most. So indeed there appears to be two invisible hands!

One invisible hand is the one referred to as laissez-faire and it describes the forces of equilibrium that work to bring balance to the economy by the market processes inherent in this God-given institution - the economy.

The other invisible hand is really a sleight of hand, like the prestidigitation of a magician or the skillful removal of your wallet by a pickpocket! At best it is an illusion, at worst it is theft.

Both of these invisible hands become visible with education. As people are educated about classical liberalism they will see clearly how the economy works through the subjective valuations of individuals and the protection of those individual subjective values.

Also, as people are educated about classical liberalism the filthy hands of the ego-driven interventionists will be easily noticed and the corruption they cause will be obvious. The reverse invisible hand will need to be either cleaned or cut off!

In the meantime hold on to your wallets!

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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Educate Yourself About Socialism. It Is An Unethical System!

Take a step back and relax, find a nice comfortable place to sit and close your eyes. Ponder for a few moments what a socialist nation looks like. Compare that with the thrust of Obama, granted him by the unConstitutional coup that approved of his ascendency.

Now educate yourself about the destruction that socialism brings. It is the road to serdom! It is the antithesis of the classical liberalism principles that inspired the Constitution. It is an ideology that runs counter to the American traditions of liberty, property rights, peace and prosperity.

In socialism you will not have the luxury to "Take a step back and relax, find a nice comfortable place to sit and close your eyes!" No luxuries are allowed! Because of the destruction of capital finding a comfortable place to sit will be difficult! And you don't want to close your eyes because some agent of the government may be about to impose some regulation on you, so look out!

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