Saturday, March 21, 2009

Will Natasha Richardson's Accident Destroy Health Care?

What a shock to the psyche of those with wealth! Or are the wealthy so propagandized by the State or by the competitive peer pressure of the "green" or "vegan" or "baby adoption" socialistic idealism of the "rich and famous" that they miss the point?

Are the wealthy going to find inspiration from this shocking episode to fight to preserve private health care in the United States? Will they either reduce their tourism to Canada or pay for an emergency service that can cross the border if something life-threatening occurs?

Or will they act "dumb or dumber" and jump on the socialism bandwagon to destroy what is left of an endangered species - private health care!

I sure hope the wealthy use their resources to educate themselves about classical liberalism and in that manner leave a legacy, a true legacy rather than the plethora of shallow, ephemoral 'showboating' and vain types of legacies. Are the wealthy just airheads who award extortionists like Al Gore the Oscar or are they intelligent enough to recognize that private property and sound money are the foundations of a prosperous and just society?

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