Friday, March 6, 2009

The Evil Twin Of The Laissez-Faire Invisible Hand.

Peter L. P. Simpson calls it the 'reverse invisible hand.'

It is definitely obvious by the general ignorance of the public that what the ego-driven interventionists are doing is invisible to most. So indeed there appears to be two invisible hands!

One invisible hand is the one referred to as laissez-faire and it describes the forces of equilibrium that work to bring balance to the economy by the market processes inherent in this God-given institution - the economy.

The other invisible hand is really a sleight of hand, like the prestidigitation of a magician or the skillful removal of your wallet by a pickpocket! At best it is an illusion, at worst it is theft.

Both of these invisible hands become visible with education. As people are educated about classical liberalism they will see clearly how the economy works through the subjective valuations of individuals and the protection of those individual subjective values.

Also, as people are educated about classical liberalism the filthy hands of the ego-driven interventionists will be easily noticed and the corruption they cause will be obvious. The reverse invisible hand will need to be either cleaned or cut off!

In the meantime hold on to your wallets!

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