Thursday, March 12, 2009

Educating Yourself About Economics Is Now Easy!

What an incredible job the Mises Institute is doing educating everyone on the planet.

It is ironic that the history of economic thought is now readily available to everyone during these Dark Ages of economics when few people know about the history of economic thought (which is part of the reason we are in the Dark Ages!)

And the obstructors of economic learning who like having ignorant masses so they can oppress them with their ego-driven interventionism have nothing to offer to counter the piercing truth of the genius of Murray Rothbard.

Their only 'hope' is illiteracy which explains the dumbing down by government-funded "education" and the deliberate bombardment by the imbecilic media "talking-heads" who serve the unConstitutional coup.

The brilliance of the light on the horizon ushering in an Age of Economic Enlightenment is the educative rays beaming from the Mises Institute. Connect to the Mises Institute site and soak in the rays!

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