Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Why Is Ignorance Of Usury Like A Superstition?

This is the age-old rise of the ego-driven interpreter, the same unauthorized interpretation that kept the divine economy from blossuming in the past.

Instead of the potential of a divine civilization the tiny lights of classical liberalism had to spring up and sustain themselves until the ego-driven interpreters teamed up with the ego-driven interventionists during the Protest Reformation and began anew their attempt to erase the classical liberalism philosophy from the minds of 'men and from history.

It is the same unauthorized ego-driven interpretation that plagued Islam. There is no authority for anyone to misinterpret usury, then or now.

Economic science proves that this is nothing but a misinterpretation. That is unless the same ego-driven interpreters and interventionists pervert economic science too! Yes, that is exactly what they have done!

But classical liberalism and Austrian economics is experiencing a wonderful resurgence. As a result, the record will be set straight and the ego-driven interpreters and the ego-driven interventionists will find themselves scorned, thank God.

I'd tell Robyn Blumner to go to hell but the fact that she is an ego-driven interpreter indicates that she already dwells there.

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