Tuesday, March 10, 2009

What Is Ethical About Masquerading? Educate Yourself!

Are the people entertained and mesmerized when the magician performs his tricks well? But the tricks require the props to function properly. How thrilling would it be if the magician reaches down into the hat and there is no rabbit to pull out?

This analogy is pretty benign. But what if the real magician, the one on the stage making you feel good, is using props that cannot be seen and these props are destroying everything that is dear about our Constitutional Republic?

The mouthpiece (and puppet) of the unConstitutional coup can put his own twist on the style of oppression - making it look like socialism - but the members of the inner circle of the unConstitutional coup are blatantly fascist so that is the true nature of their schemes.

What we see is a show, pre-recorded and rehersed (not enough) but a technological glitch exposes the magician as a street talker even to the adoring audience.

Beware of the socialistic flavor of this street vendor's wares and be especially alert to the theft and murder committed by the thugs of the unConstitutional coup that occurred before the stolen property was given to the vendor to sell!

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