Saturday, December 19, 2009

Is The 'Person Of The Year' Good Or Not So Good?

You say "Impoverisher of the Year" which is true if you look at the ones who are being stolen from, but Bernanke did not impoverish the recipients of the trillions of dollars.

I do agree with the beginnings of the title you have chosen to give Bernanke, "Imp . . ." He is impish, as even the article in Time Magazine calls that to our attention.

But that is just the beginning. He is also the poster child for the 'economic recovery.' So all we have to do is act like an empiricist and add nonsensical terms to get the answer to our questions: Imp + poster = Imposter.

So there you have it, Ben Bernanke is an Imposter! I will put it in terms popular to the trivial pursuits of the media - Ben Bernanke is the "Imposter of the Year!"

It makes sense. He is the chief counterfeiter which means that the money that he is generating is fraudulent. That makes him an imposter.

And he is the essential 'tool' of the unConstitutional coup since without the funny money these economic terrorists could not pay for the corruption: they could not pay for their fascist schemes to keep the parasitic corporations plump from the blood shed around the world, nor could they pay for the socialism that props up the public indoctrination using 'education' and which makes 'voters' dependent on socialism for their income (including the control of the media).

Oh yes Ben Bernanke is an imposter and so is the unConstitutional coup behind it all.

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