Monday, December 7, 2009

Federal Reserve Overlord: A 'Hologram' Out of Control!

Professor Moriarty, in this case, is a hologram that is a facade which serves as an entity representing the inner circle of the unConstituional coup. It definitely intends to take over the Enterprise, that is, all enterprise that is based on private property rights.

There is no conscience, no ethics, so it matters not if this hologram goes beyond the bounds that its ego-driven creator set at the beginning.

It has grown so amorphously large that it now fantasizes about its mantra: "Resistance is futile!"

How silly. Relative to the infinite vastness of the universe it is still only a speck! Likewise, relative to the equilibrium power of the market all the schemes of the ego-driven are like foam on the ocean to be cast upon the ashore as rotten debris.

The ocean of liberty and the universe of equilibrium are sufficient unto themselves!!! This is the reality, and our reality once we come to know it!

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