Saturday, December 11, 2010

Will This Wake Up The Anti-War Movement?

After Keith Olbermann personally felt the effect of political censorship he now seems to realize how close we are to losing the First Amendment.

What is it that is brewing in the cauldron of the State?

Totalitarianism is the witches brew that is being stirred and tasted and seasoned just right by the covey of the wicked Statists. They see the power of the State - which requires coercion and secrecy - slipping away and so they are losing their subtle usurpation of the Constitution. It is now blatant, with propaganda coming from all of its snake holes - the Justice Department, Homeland Security, certain ambitious members of Congress seeking their overlord's favor, the President, and also past Presidents who still desperately want to be part of the covey (and even State-funded institutions of art).

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