Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The Charity Of Peacefulness And Righteousness.

Charity is not immune from the distortions and perversions that are caused by interventionism. One comment made about this video clip was that maybe Ron Paul spoke too much along a political line for an event such as this. But how can the charitableness of people be spoken about when their freedoms are being whittled away at a rate that is numbing?

To either pretend it does not exist or to be unaware of the perniciousness of interventionism is not only foolish but it is unbecoming of intelligent people; Ron Paul and those who were in attendeance, and those of us who have the opportunity to watch this video.

The vision being shared by Ron Paul is the vision of a classical liberalism scholar. A prosperous and free people will take care of family and friends and will in deed be a part of a generous and merciful society. The State is parasitic and even predatory in nature and that is what is harming the development and the natural exercise of charity.

Those who cherish the ideal of charity need to elevate their understanding and alertly perceive the difference between a society of virtue and a society of compulsion and oppression and deprivation.

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