Thursday, October 21, 2010

Taxing Businesses Is Nothing But A Tax On Everyone!

The smokescreen is very large and very thick but there are more and more people who are inviting in the breezes of fresh air to blow away and disperse the choking pollution of Keynesian quackery.

A perfect example is the brilliance of Ron Paul and his simple and clear explanations of the contrast between the freedom and prosperity brought by non-interventionism and the slavery and poverty dumped on us by the interventionists.

Look at this tidbit: When the government claims that it needs to raise revenue and that it is the greedy businesses that will be targeted - not the individual taxpayer - the truth of the matter is that those taxes, by necessity, are passed on to the individuals who are naturally dependent on the businesses to produce what they need to satisfy their basic desires.

So not only are the interventionists liars or economic imbeciles about how detrimental taxes are to any and all but they are also oblivious of how the economy works.

The underlying principle that is the issue here is that the State acts like it owns what the citizens possess and it decides what percentage it will allow the citizens to keep. Slavery is alive and well worldwide because of economic ignorance.

Free market economics is maligned by the propaganda of the State because it is the key to unlocking the shackles of slavery.

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