Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Is Intellectual Property A Secret Or A Gift?

It is one of two things: it is either a secret or it is not.

1). If it is a secret there is a very likely chance that someone else somewhere in the world will discover the same thing (or has already) and so the secret is fleeting, at best.

2). If it is not a secret then it is for the betterment of others (not just a secret holder) and it enters into the market process as information about it flows. There is no right for anyone to then intervene in the economy because such an action is nothing but a corruption by a finite mind imposed upon something infinitely beyond comprehension (the intricacies of the economy) and therefore an act of injustice.

To those who object to the justice of the market processes they should try in vain to keep 'their idea' (which is a trick played on them by their ego since it came from the invisible realm and surely no one can claim that the invisible realm is theirs!) a secret and then sit back and watch as someone else gets the credit for their truly generous gift to mankind.
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