Saturday, October 16, 2010

Judging The Constitutionality Of Compulsory Socialized Health Care.

To those who get exposed to the authoritative discussions about law and justice rendered by Judge Napolitano there naturally has to be a growing confidence and trust in him. No one else is doing what he is doing with such eloquence and scholarship.

This is a good thing because it is part of the process of educating the citizenry and because it warms people to his wisdom and penetrating perception. Later when he speaks about related matters, such as the pernicious nature and character of the unConstitutional coup, the light bulb will finally go on for most of these people and they will be easily able to see through the corrupt schemes of the ego-driven interventionists and the propaganda of the ego-driven interpreters.

They will want to support - through voting - the liberty movement of Ron Paul because 'the Judge' recommends it!

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