Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Secession Will Form Again The United States Of America!

Inspirational 10 minute video, to say the least!

Embedded in this interview were numerous tidbits of good news, and throughout this interview the tone of the voices were confident and encouraging.

How exciting to hear the news that Andrew Napolitano will soon be using multiple media outlets to educate people about Constitutional law. Armed with that knowledge there will be no way for the lying ego-driven interventionists to hide their treasonous schemes.

The States are on the verge of rebelling against the oppressive and unjust national government - the socialistic and fascist system that is nothing but an unConstitutional coup. Time is running out because the U.S. is about to be functionally bankrupt. The States are technically not bankrupt unless they have allowed the national government to completely deceive them (California comes to mind) and undermine them.

After seceding we are still the United States of America! Before seceding we are disgracefully without true statehood. Peace and prosperity will return when the unConstitutional coup is destroyed!

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