Sunday, November 15, 2009

Education Is Available To Those Who Want It!

At what point is continuing education the best means of individualizing education?

Whenever that is, that is also the point where alternatives need to be available. In a free market society the alternatives will be many and varied.

Imagine people getting hired because they are passionate about a subject rather than simply because they have a piece of paper with the name of an institution on it. Then they will enter a process where they will be evaluated and further trained.

Education taken out of the hands of the ego-driven interventionists (government mandated schools) will be made available by the entrepreneurs since they are the ones actively seeking solutions to problems and since they are the ones actively seeking ways to get all types of information into the hands of those who are interested.

Just like with acquiring a very specialized training needed in certain specialized fields, acquiring an education of all kinds will be directly attributable to the practice by individuals of the independent investigation of truth.

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