Friday, October 23, 2009

Statesman Ron Paul Goes To Spain As A Scholar.

Our education system in the U.S. has virtually eliminated any record of the inspiration provided by classical liberalism to our founding fathers. And so history, according to the propaganda of the unConstitutional coup, is conveniently severed from the great contributions made by the Spanish Scholastics and the other great economic and philosophical traditions.

This neglect leads to erroneous conclusions about the usefulness and necessity of the State.

Ironically, the greatest Statesman in the world knows exactly how detrimental the State is to liberty and peace and prosperity. Fittingly, Ron Paul will be addressing a summit being held October 21-24 in Salamanca, Spain to explore "The Roots of Austrian Economics."

This is an example of how interrelated and interdependent all the people of the world are. The cause of liberty is alive and well everywhere and these proud heritages of truth and justice are regaining prominence. The age-old battle still rages on between the power-hungry, corrupt State and the prosperous, freedom-loving, peace-loving, dignity of voluntary and uncoerced, cooperative association.

Will the people in Spain reignite classical liberalism in their society and thereby become a culture cherished and envisioned by their pure-hearted and brilliant ancestors?

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