Thursday, October 29, 2009

Another Balloon Boy Hoax - Sanctions On Iran.

Congress makes themselves feel important by acting like they can do whatever they want with no consequences. The media goes into a frenzy and everyone watches as their sanction-balloon floats out of control.

"Look how shiny the balloon is!" The propagandized population feels proud of this belligerence.

Will the balloon land safely or will the Iranians look to increase trade with China? What will happen to the boy, you know, America as a prosperous, peaceful society? He is in hiding.

The boy is not in the balloon. The balloon is just something shiny and full of hot air and it is a hoax.

The balloon is just another hoax (like the counterfeiters at the Federal Reserve) enacted by the unConstitutional coup through the channel of the military industrial complex and its bribed members of Congress.

When the balloon lands it will be too late to turn back. America will lose face and it will lose trade.

We need to stop the unConstitutional coup and its alliance with corrupt members of Congress and we need to END THE FED!

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