Friday, October 30, 2009

Michael Moore, Larry King, And Ron Paul!

Out of the quagmire of imprecise understandings of what liberalism means comes the great scholar of liberalism - Ron Paul.

To those who claim to be liberal but don't know its origin, they know that justice and mercy are important but ignorantly choose socialism which is nothing but the road to serfdom.

To those who claim to be liberal but don't know the true meaning - the philosophy of classical liberalism - they know that wars are immoral and they speak selectively about peace but ignorantly choose to align themselves with nationalistic propaganda and throw their support behind the warmonger of their choice.

Ron Paul clearly elucidates the principles of classical liberalism and, yes, justice and mercy are held in the highest regard and, yes, peace and non-interventionism are held in the highest regard.

The peace and prosperity and justice and mercy that comes from the free market is the exact opposite of the socialism and corporatism (fascism) that is causing all of our problems.

Michael Moore is either an ignorant 'liberal' (in name only) or he is a tool of the unConstitutional coup deliberately trying to confuse people about the free market as a viable alternative to the economic terrorism of the unConstitutional coup.

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