Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Stop Propagandizing Our Children!

Shameful propagandizing by a desperate unConstitutional coup!

It is time for us to expose the children to the whole truth about the Presidents of the United States. Tell them the whole story instead of sugar-coating the history associated with these ego-driven interventionists.

Deprived of the truth about the corruption of these men the children are vulnerable to more lies, which are now directed specifically at them.

Hopefully enough children are currently aware of these lies and schemes to protest. One exciting possibility would be 'town hall meetings' in the schools with children asking questions that the numbskull propagandists (whether they are the teachers, the administrators, or the Chief propagandist himself) cannot answer, or refuse to answer, or answer by blatantly lying.

How many fifth graders does it take to make Bernanke squirm about his counterfeiting? What response will the fourth graders get to their questions about the immoral wars instigated by the United States all around the world?

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