Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Are The Prominent Recognizing The Obvious?

What is happening is quite amazing. There is a growing movement of prominent spokespersons recognizing the obvious! Since it is obvious, they have no way to waffle around anymore if they want to maintain credibility or if they have any integrity.

Who among the prominent wants to appear to be ignoramuses or to appear as a political pawns when people are increasingly angry at political pawns and their overlords? The swell is beginning and it is moving in the direction of the shoreline! It will gain size and speed and will hit like a tidal wave!

Will this "END THE FED" tsunami be sufficient to wash away the unConstitutional coup or will repeated waves of awakened lovers of liberty be needed to bury the unConstitutional coup and all of its cronies? Will the sand crabs be able to digest Bernanke's beard?

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