Thursday, August 27, 2009

What Do These Government Statistics Really Mean?

Headline: Even after fudging the numbers and despite all of the funny money given to the politically-connected and to pay for the lamebrain 'Cash For Clunkers' boondoggle the Gross Domestic Product declined by 1%.

This is a victory since, just think, what a bummer it would be if the government didn't tweak the numbers!

Not only is the recession about over but Helicopter Ben Bernanke has been re-appointed and so very soon he will be dropping dollars willy-nilly everywhere.

And the aimless death of young men and women warriers are not in vain, it is to preserve the unConstitutional coup.

There, don't you all feel better now? Wait until you see tomorrow's headlines! You won't believe them!

And you shouldn't!

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