Monday, August 3, 2009

Is The U.S. Culture Just A Counterfeit?

What an embarrassment! The United States has become what it is down inside – a counterfeit culture. The States are united but only in the sense that they are subjects to the same overlord. The States do the bidding of the Union and have grown dependent like an addict on the flow of counterfeit money.

In a counterfeit culture the worth of contracts disappear. One of the great strengths of America was its protection of private property rights but this contract is fading away. As taxes increase it will become increasingly obvious that property owners are really only renters!

Obviously the currency is counterfeit. There is no restraint on its creation while its distribution is intended to redistribute wealth to those favored by the ones in charge. And speaking of the ones in charge – who are the ones who have counterfeited legislative circles around the Constitution and counterfeited themselves as the ones in charge?

Why is the Congress going along with all of this as if nothing is wrong even as we counterfeit our culture of freedom and liberty by militarizing the world and destroying those cultures by introducing counterfeit ideas about democracy. When politicians knowingly promise things that are fiscally irresponsible and which violate property rights and ethics are they not acting like counterfeits?

Banks and other industries are now just facades, counterfeits of their real selves. Education that teaches an agenda ordained by the counterfeiters rather than training people to investigate the truth is, guess what, counterfeit.

It is time to audit the Federal Reserve and to purge our culture of the counterfeiters!

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