Monday, September 3, 2012

Soldier's Souls Denigrated By The Godless State.

The terrorism of war is a blight.

First of all, the controlled-media minimizes the reporting of most of the war deaths and injuries, and never in a million years would report the spiritual consequences attributed to these wars.

The deaths of soldiers and the deaths of the victims of soldiers are a blight.

The physical destruction of parts of people's bodies is a blight.

The unbearable anguish and horror occupying the minds of soldiers and those who were exposed to the terrorism of war is a blight.

But what about the unmentioned damage to the soul? What will the souls of these people have to endure in all the worlds of God as a result of being a pawn of the Godless State?

We have to begin talking about the spiritual consequences of the destructiveness of the wars of the Godless and wretched State.

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