Friday, August 24, 2012

Slavery And Murder Are The Badges Of Statism.

When slavery is defined as - some entity forcefully taking what is rightfully yours or else you are killed or imprisoned - then slavery has now expanded to encompass everyone. See what happens to you if you refuse to use the funny money and simply try to use gold or silver (which has not been devalued by counterfeiting). When such a simple act of you trying to protect yourself against the theft by the State (who counterfeits fiat currecies at will) is enough to put you in a cage or in chains then slavery is far from marginal. Deceptively it is convenient to define terms so the oppression of the State is simply removed by definition and then to find statistical evidence that the world is better when it is run by the ego-driven interventionists. 170 million deaths is too big to ignore and to gloss over no matter how the statistics are massaged.

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