Sunday, August 14, 2011

Ron Paul's Ambassador To The Media - Rand Paul!!!

When countries with foreign languages and foreign cultures desire to come together and work out the wrinkles in their cooperative endeavors they find individuals with the right skill sets to serve as ambassadors.

Ron Paul is way ahead of his time because he is trying to restore the principles of classical liberalism which inspired our Founders, but he is doing it among a population that has been indoctrinated by the State to think like socialists. And the media outlets are quasi arms of the State propaganda machine and so they, too, are befuddled by the message of liberty and justice that Ron Paul is championing.

Rand Paul is the perfect ambassador to the socialist and fascist culture created by the State over the last several generations. He skillfully assists the general population and the media representatives to understand the soundness and justice of the principled beliefs of his father, Ron Paul.

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