Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Fostering Reason Is Not Part Of 'Education' By The State.

One of the differences between living now, in the Dark Ages of economics, and in the future will be the ability of people to think logically. Not that people do not have the capacity, it is just that the indoctrination of the State which has been passed off as 'education' does not polish the gem of reason.

To those of us who are polishing the gem of reason these wise words of Richard Ebeling cannot be more clear and concise.

Again, all interventionism interferes with the flow of knowledge and so it necessarily follows that until interventionism is purged completely education will suffer. Yet, information flows around the obstacles created by the State and so there are two processes at work. One is the slow (unless the irresistable economic equilibrium force surges and wipes it out in one fell swoop) dissolution of institutionalized interventionism and the other is the accelerating search for knowledge and the means of attaining knowledge.

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