Friday, March 4, 2011

Are College Towns Unethically Siphoning Off Wealth?

Are the low percentages of mortgage loans that are 90 days+ past due in college towns because of the excellence of education (No! Dinosaurs will always go extinct because of their small brains, actual or imposed by the mandated State propaganda.) or because they receive the money early in the inflation lag cycle, before the dollars depreciate and steal away the wealth of these early recipients?

Poor dumbies (in other words, those not living in the environs of the 'education' outlets of the State) living elswhere! Yes they are poor and getting poorer, because their wealth is being siphoned away as it is sent to the college towns where these 'institutions' promulgate the State's fallacies. The funny money of the Federal Reserve goes to the propaganda centers early in the cycle!

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{I am currently taking a partial hiatus from blogging so frequently since I am preparing to write the fourth and final book in the divine economy theory series, due to be published around May 2011.}

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